شما در وب‌سایت دوزبانه محمود فرجامی هستید. برای دسترسی به محتوای فارسی این سایت از فهرست سمت راست این صفحه، پیوند مورد نظر را انتخاب کنید تا به اطلاعاتی درباره محمود فرجامی، صفحات او در شبکه‌های اجتماعی و ویکی‌پدیا و آثار او شامل کتابها، مقالات، آرشیو پانزده ساله وبلاگ، استندآپ‌کمدی‌ها دست یابید. همچنین امکان دانلود نسخه کامل ترجمه کتاب بیشعوری و بعضی دیگر آثار وی در این سایت مهیاست.

You are in Farja.me, Mahmud Farjami’s official website. 

Mahmud is an Iranian comedian, writer, and journalist, and his main interests are stand-up comedy and socio-political satire. 

So far, Mahmud Farjami has published 13 books (including four translations) among which Iranian Political Satirists (Amsterdam, 2017) is one of the rare academic works in the field, in English. ِOne can find most of them on Amazon via his page, Mahamud Farjami Amazon Author Page.

Hundreds of his humorous essays, mostly in form of  political satire, have been published  in Persian print and online media for more than a decade. Under increasing pressure, he has to leave Iran for good in 2010. Since then, he has lived in Malaysia, Turkey,  Belgium, and Norway for different lengths of time. Now he lives in Oslo where he works at Kristiania University College as a associate professor. He is one of co-founders of International Society for Persian Humor, and, current president of this society.

Mahmud, as well, teaches and performs stand-up comedy. He is the first Iranian who performed ‘stand-up comedy’ inside Iran (Tehran, 17 December 2009). His performances are, usually, in form of one man shows, and he has had several global tours to perform them as stand-up comedy concerts. He, also, had a full show on BBC Persian. One can find links, descriptions, photos and videos of his works as well as free download of few of his books, particularly the best seller بیشعوری here. As well, full archive of his weblog باران در دهان نیمه‌باز on which he has written in Persian since 2003 is available here.

Mahmud Farjami can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and found on Wikipedia.