Here you can have access to some of Mahmud Farjami's academic works, including books, peer-reviewed papers, and courses.

Political Satire as an Index of Press Freedom

A Review of Political Satire in the Iranian Press during the 2000s. A peer reviewed paper by Mahmud Farjami. Published by Oxford University. CLICK FOR DOWNLOAD

Stand-up Comedy in Theory and Practice

An academic course on stand-up comedy for academia with a unique syllabus. click for more information including structure of the course.

Iranian Political Satirists

A book on Experience and motivation in the contemporary era. Published by the academic publisher JB, Amsterdam. Click for more information and reviews.

Motivations of Iranian Political Satirists: A Thesis Report

This report concerns Mahmud Farjami’s doctoral thesis on the motivations of Iranian political satirists, whether writers or cartoonists, in undertaking the process of producing satire for print and online media. The study was conducted from 2010 to 2014, during PhD studies at the School of Communications, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). The thesis was registered under the title “Motivations of Iranian Political Satirists: A Case Study” in July, 2014.