Mahmud Farjami

Welcome to the bilingual website of Mahmoud Farjami, a writer, translator, humor researcher, stand-up comedian, idler, and unemployed. Although most content on this site is in Persian, you can still send emails, read a brief bio, access my social media, watch some of my stand-up performances (if you understand Persian!), and explore some of my studies in English. More pages will be added progressively. Enjoy your visit!

Stand-up Comedies

I have performed and published hundreds of comic videos or short stand-up comedy clips on my personal channels. In addition to this, since 2009, I have brought full-length stand-up comedy performances to the stage, with my first show apparently being the first full-length stand-up comedy performance in Iran (perhaps the father of Iranian stand-up comedy!).

Mahmud Farjami (me, to be honest!) has brought several full-length stand-up comedies to the stage from 2010 till now, outside Iran. Since then, the most famous ones have been “Assholism” “What’s in your head, BBC?” and “Relationship Harmony, Bedroom Symphony.” The stand-up “BBC…” was broadcast on BBC Persian Television during Nowruz in 2018, and the other two stand-up shows were performed in dozens of cities across Europe, Canada, and Australia as part of two world tours. The complete versions of all three are available on YouTube here.


Mahmud Farjami on Social Media



Shabcheraghon is the name of both a podcast and a live Instagram show, featuring Mahmoud Farjami in conversation with a different guest each time. Launched in spring 2019, the program presents non-confrontational and easygoing discussions with guests from diverse backgrounds, specialties, and reputations, who are often ordinary individuals. Following each live performance, the recorded videos are uploaded to Mahmoud Farjami’s Instagram page and later to Khorasanian’s YouTube channel for viewing.

Starting September, 2019, the Shabcheraghon podcast was also introduced. In addition to offering edited audio versions of some conversations previously aired live on Instagram, the podcast includes supplementary explanations, music, audio clips related to the conversation, and separate commentary from Mahmoud Farjami. Some conversations are exclusively produced for the podcast. Shabcheraghon is created at personal expense and welcomes financial contributions from its audience.